Our Application Security Service : Why us?

Build Secure Applications

Applications are a key target for malicious actors, so it is essential to ensure end-to-end protection of these key organizational assets.
At Cybertronium, we will guide you through the application design, development and implementation phases, to align with industry best-practices.

Security Assurance

Achieve peace of mind that applications are designed and built securely, critical business and customer data is protected, and application risks managed.

Resilient Applications

Reduce your risk exposure with the knowledge that your applications are resilient to compromise attempts.

Cost Savings

Reduce long-term expenditure on application maintenance and vulnerability remediation by using proven secure coding practices and methods.

Compliance Mapped

Help achieve and maintain compliance against a range of cyber security standards including RMIT, TRM, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, NIST, CREST and others.

Competitive Advantage

Demonstrate to customers that the security of their confidential data is taken seriously.

Expert Assessments

A multi-layered evaluation of applications and source code to identify attack points that may elude automated SAST and DAST tools.



Our Application Security Services : Scope

End-to-End Application Security Services

We work with you to determine what you need to achieve from your applications and tailor our services to help you realize your application security goals

DevSecOps consulting, offers expert guidance tailored to suit your organisation’s specific application design and development needs. Whether you’re looking to establish agile software development processes, security documentation, architectural advice or compliance preparation and assistance, our consultants will help you achieve all your application security goals.

Defining appropriate secure development standards and processes is a key requirement in enabling application development to align with project specific or broader organizational security goals. Alignment is important to ensure that a solid security baseline is established across all developed applications and those that are planned.

An independent review of your software development lifecycle (SDLC) practices and identify current challenges and provide clear pathways to uplift SDLC processes to improve application security. The SDLC maturity review seeks to align organizational practices with industry best practice, including the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM).

Secure applications are built using secure source code. A secure code review identifies security flaws in code early in the development lifecycle. This includes identifying weaknesses that may allow exploitation or abuse of the application.

Threat modelling activities are optimally undertaken in the early planning stages of application development. It is a formal process to identify risks to data, likely adversaries and potential threats and attack vectors.

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