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Your Cloud Security is our Responsibility!

Leverage the expertise of your Cybertronium Security Team to harden your cloud security posture against known and evolving threats.

Configuration Overload

Organizations adopting multiple cloud platforms and services struggle to configure even basic security controls, logging, and monitoring exposing Cloud assets to attackers.

Policy Complexity

Most cloud security products are difficult to set up and require frequent policy adjustments which often results in security gaps and data breaches.

Cloud Skills Gap

Finding security experts who are also cloud experts is exceedingly difficult and/or expensive for most organizations.

Strategic Guidance

Minimize confusion, complexity, and time with a white-glove deployment engagement. Strategic guidance for your cloud security design, implementation and posture improvement.

24x7 Monitoring

Around the clock security coverage by our dedicated team. Continuous and proactive Configuration updates based on evolving threats.

Security Experts

Trusted security advisors with years of cloud expertise operate as–or an extension of–your existing IT team.

Number of enterprises today rely on at least one public cloud: 94%
Number of businesses adopting a "multi-cloud" strategy: 84%
Percent of cyberattacks that are cloud-enabled: 44%
IT Teams who lack visibility into cloud infrastructure security: 43%
A Reality Check

The Challenges of Cloud Security

Cloud adoption is rising, but so are cloud threats.

Too many IT teams are falling behind, is your team one among them?



Cybertronium Cloud Detection and Response Service

Your end-to-end Cloud managed security service

24x7 SaaS and IaaS Monitoring
Monitor SaaS and IaaS solutions to detect key threats or risks.

Immediate Protection
Service launches with preconfigured detection logic, allowing monitoring to immediately detect the highest-priority attacks.

Customized Rules
With rules tailored to your business environment, see things that others miss while also preventing alert fatigue.


Managed Investigations
We investigate suspicious activity so you don’t have to, making alert fatigue a thing of the past.

Log Retention and Search
Takes the work out of managing logs, enabling you to easily conduct additional investigations, if needed.

Cloud Incident Response
Every second counts. Detect and respond to critical security incidents within minutes to prevent the spread of threats.


Guided Remediation
We work with you to validate, investigate and respond to the threat and neutralize it.

Our Team will manage your cloud management console to collect the right data and provide the right alerts without extra work from your IT team.

Cloud Expertise
Our seasoned experts in cloud security will assist you in cloud security best practices, strategies and deployment frameworks.

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