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100% of zIPS customers detected mobile device threats with z9. Zimperium’s z9 is the only on-device, machine learning-based security engine that can stop zero-day threats in the wild without an update.

Machine Learning (ML)

On-device, ML based detection provides prevention against the latest mobile threats, including zero-day malware.

Continuous, on-device Monitoring

Real-time detection without signatures, a cloud-based sandbox or even an Internet connection.

Support Zero Trust

zIPS enables SOC & IR teams with the critical mobile threat and risk data necessary to support modern Zero Trust architectures with unmatched threat forensics.

Privacy Focused

With a privacy first approach, Zimperium enables security without sacrificing the end user’s personal data.

Complete Mobile Coverage

From tablet to phones, zIPS provides complete security coverage across Android, iOS, and ChromeOS.

Simple Deployment

Deploy and activate zIPS to your employees and customers mobile endpoints without the need for complicated activation steps by the end user.

What is
Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)?

Mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions are aimed at protecting individuals / organizations from threats on iOS, Android and Chrome devices by preventing, detecting and remediating mobile attacks.

Why Hackers Target
Mobile Endpoints?

Mobile endpoints have access to the same data as traditional endpoints. The number of reported cyber-attacks has doubled every 6 months for the last three years. Most mobile endpoints are unprotected and make easy targets.

Why Anti-virus Cannot
Protect Mobile Endpoints?

Blind and ineffective due to locked down kernels in mobile OS’s because they rely on kernel access for detection and no ability to detect risky or malicious networks. Cannot assess privacy and security risks in legitimate (non-malicious) mobile apps.


Comprehensive Mobile Threat Defense

Your devices are protected against advanced phishing, device, network, and application cyber-attacks in real-time. Comprehensive mobile threat defense against more than 40 known attack vectors, as well as detection and mitigation of new ones that haven’t yet been discovered.

Phishing Attacks

On mobile devices, email, SMS, and even messaging apps are susceptible to phishing attacks.

Device Attacks

OS/kernel exploits, system tampering, SD card exploits, USB charger cable exploits.

Network Attacks

Reconnaissance scans, Man-in-the-Middle to steal data, SSL stripping, SSL decryption attempts, rogue access points.

App Attacks

Malicious apps, known and unknown malware, dynamic threats abusing download and exploit techniques.

When a threat is detected, end-users receive contextual alerts and recommendations to help remediate the situation. For Enterprise customers, the platform also notifies the security team to keep them informed.

Solutions Designed for the Needs of Your Organization

Industry-Specific Protection

Today, employees have more mobile devices than traditional endpoints and use them to perform business functions more than they do their laptops or desktops. Conventional IT approaches used for securing corporate networks, servers, applications and company-owned computers don’t address the exposure of the growing, highly distributed mobile attack surface. Just one compromised mobile device can spread into a very costly security breach for an enterprise.

  • Financial : Securing Mobile banking, payments, financial services and investments.
  • Government : Solutions designed specifically for Federal, State, Local and Educational organizations.
  • Healthcare : Securing private health information in patient apps and on devices in medical facilities and outpatient care.
  • Insurance : Support agents and field claims worker devices with better protection against rogue networks, malware and data breaches.
  • Legal : Stay productive while keeping privileged attorney-client information protected from advanced mobile threats.
  • Pharmaceutical : Secure field and laboratory devices from cyber theft and espionage.
  • Retail : Secure your mobile POS devices and your consumer apps from cyber attacks.
  • Mobile Operators : Increase your retention rates and ARPU with your own branded mobile security app.


Our Mobile Threat Defense Subscription Plan

Mobile Protection for All : Individuals and Enterprises


Now, Everyone can have Mobile Protection
  • Real-time Device Protection
  • Supports Android, iOS, ChromeOS
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Email Support
  • 1 Device


Your family members' mobiles & tablets need protection, too
  • Above 5 Devices
  • Real-time Device Protection
  • Supports Android, iOS, ChromeOS
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Email Support


zIPS secure employee devices against the most advanced threats
  • Dedicated Portal
  • Real-time Device Protection
  • Supports Android, iOS, ChromeOS
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Phone and Email Support


Manage policies, monitor for threats, and mitigate mobile risks.
  • Dedicated Portal
  • Real-time Device Protection
  • Supports Android, iOS, ChromeOS
  • 24x7 Alert Monitoring
  • Phone and Email Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your possible Questions

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Today, we use our mobile devices for both personal and work related activities. 90% of our mobile usage is attributed to infotainment apps, productivity apps, e-commerce apps and search engines. However, a third (3.3 million apps) of the apps available to us today are malware-infected and capable of stealing your personal, banking and enterprise data from your device. This risk is further amplified when you habitually connect to free Public Wi-Fis for faster connectivity and better mobile experience. Hackers are well aware of these behaviors and lurk in popular places to exploit your mobile device.

No, signature-based technology can’t keep pace or protect against unknown or dynamic threats. It protects against known malware and it can take days to update the databases. It won’t protect you against mobile network attacks and device exploits either.

Antivirus solutions cover signatures for Apps but is not capable of detecting attacks that are happening in other sandboxes.

Mobile AV cannot detect the following attacks:
1. Malicious chargers / PCs
2. Browser exploits
3. Kernel exploits
4. IPv4 and IPv6 attacks

iOS devices have been proven to be vulnerable time after time. All the major OS versions had publicly available jailbreaks within days of the updates, making them significantly more vulnerable.

Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (zIPS) is an enterprise class, on-device security engine for Android and iOS devices that protects your mobile device against harmful WiFis and malicious apps. Developed for mobile devices, Zimperium uses patented, behaviour-based analytics on the device to detect threats in real time.

Some key features of zIPS:

1. Machine Learning Technology
2. Non-Invasive On-Device Protection; doesn’t need internet connectivity
3. Protection from Malicious Apps
4. Protection from harmful WIFIs
5. Protection from known and unknown threats (Mobile Handset Protection)
6. Recommendations and decisions when malicious activity is discovered.

How does zIPS work?

Much like a doctor can diagnose an illness by analyzing the symptoms your body is exhibiting, zIPS can detect both known and unknown threats by analyzing the behaviour of your mobile device. By analyzing slight deviations to the mobile device’s operating system’s statistics, memory, CPU and other system parameters, the detection engine can accurately identify not only how the attack occurred but also recommend actions to take to help keep your data and mobile safe.

The on-device solution does not require an internet connection to detect an attack. Therefore, detection and alerts are immediate. On-device detection is much more effective and can protect even when offline. This also means that a device can be protected in airplane mode and when roaming – unlike security solutions that depend on an internet connection and that attackers can easily take down when a device has been compromised.

In the event of an attack, zIPS first alerts you on your device via a notification. Upon clicking the notification, you will be taken into the app to see additional information regarding the threat and remediation actions you can take to help remain safe. For Business and Enterprise accounts, threat information is also reported to your IT Team / Enterprise’s Security Group to ensure they can help keep other users and the enterprise safe from similar threats.

zIPS provides users with information about app activity on their device when performing checks on the operating system, network connections and downloaded and installed apps.

Within the "Activity Monitor" section of the app, you can see an activity summary for the scans and security checks zIPS silently performs on the device. This allows you to quickly and easily understand how your apps, network connections, data and personal information are protected from compromise.

No, zIPS does not access the user data for an application on the device. zIPS only looks at the application metadata and application binaries. zIPS uses this information to determine whether the app is malicious and capable of leaking sensitive information. If zIPS determines that the application is harmful, it will notify you on the device.

zIPS only collects threat and device information in the event of an attack. This information is used to make the device owner aware and help take steps to remediate the problem. To further protect user privacy, zIPS does not view, store or send any information such as user location, contacts, email, SMS or browser traffic flowing through your mobile device.

Zimperium's Privacy Policy can be viewed at :

zIPS consumption on average ranges between 0.3% to 0.8% per hour depending on your usage throughout the day.

For example, let's see how​ ​to​ ​calculate​ ​the​ ​battery​ ​usage​ ​of​ ​zIPS​ ​on​ ​iOS.

Consider the case on the following screenshot:

Definitions :
Usage : Time that the phone was used (i.e. not asleep)
Standby : Total time the phone was without charge, including time on deep sleep (i.e. when the screen is off).
zIPS percentage : The percentage of the total battery that was used by zIPS.

Using the data from the above screenshot as an example, here is how the battery consumption for zIPS can be calculated :

Battery drain = 100-53=47%
Drain by zIPS = 0.21 x 47% = 9.87%
Drain​ ​by​ ​zIPS​ ​per​ ​hour​ ​=​ ​ ​9.87​ ​%​ ​/​ ​16.25​ ​hs​ ​=​ ​0.60%​ ​per​ ​hour

Zimperium’s “Site Insight” feature protects users against phishing by detecting harmful links found in text messages, social media apps and emails.

zIPS will proactively warn and protect mobile users from web-based threats when browsing the web or if they were to click on a link in text messages, social networking sites/apps or emails so that it can minimize the risk to companies, as well as provide users with the safest connected experience.

When you navigate to a bad site/risky URL, zIPS will proactively prompt you that the site you are trying to access is dangerous and that you should not proceed. This visibility will allow you to make an informed decision and securely browse the web.

Here is how it looks :

YES, you can download the Threat Notifications document from the Link Here : zIPS Threat Notification.

From this document, you can understand all the different possible threat notifications and why it was triggered.