Red & Purple Teaming Services : Why us?

Strengthen Your Defenses. Secure your Infrastructure.

The long-term value of a red & purple teaming engagement comes from choosing an attack simulation partner who understands your business, your security, and your regulatory concerns while executing the engagement in a context that drives strategic business decisions.

Greater Awareness

Gain awareness into your organization’s resilience in the face of a determined cyber intrusion. You will achieve invaluable insight into your incident detection and response capabilities under real-world cyber-attack conditions.

Reduce Risk

Red Teaming helps you understand the extent to which you could be vulnerable to a real-world attack, so you can implement risk mitigation strategies to reduce your exposure.

Uplift Skills

Purple Teaming provides opportunity to internal team to demonstrate their skills in incident detection & response and identify areas where additional training and skills enhancement may be required.

Enhance Reputation

Engaging in Red Teaming demonstrates a commitment to commercial partners that your organization has a mature cyber security posture and that you prioritize safeguarding critical data.

Actionable Remediation's

Simulation report enables you to address areas of weakness in your defenses, so your organization will be prepared to detect and respond to future cyber threats.

Seasoned Team

Experienced penetration testers rigorously test your environment by simulating both internal and external attacks covering the entire attack chain similar to how an adversary may breach your defenses.

Red & Purple Team Services : Our Approach

More than Attack Simulation

Cybertronium red and purple teaming process is built from the ground up to give you adaptability, clarity and support, allowing you to act with confidence and enhance your defenses and skills.

Tailored Terms of Engagement

We adapt to your business needs and your level of security maturity. From OSINT (open source intelligence) gathering, to network reconnaissance, to custom social engineering and phishing campaigns, we test the effectiveness of your controls by simulating both internal and external threat actors across different attack domains.

Comprehensive, Actionable Findings

Our adversarial simulation follows MITRE’s Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) framework. Covering the entire attack chain, our goal is to provide a measurable effectiveness rating across the attack and defense surfaces to better inform strategic decision making.

Ongoing Collaborative Support

We partner with you to develop a strategy that is aligned with natural business cycles. The program can include Red Team, Social Engineering, Phishing, Penetration Testing, and Purple Team. We also provide support for strategic and tactical remediation and mitigation, so you can prevent and respond to real-world attacks, reducing risk.


Red Teaming

Adopting an adversarial approach, Red Teaming goes beyond standard penetration testing. By simulating the tactics used by real-world attackers, it seeks to identify and exploit any gaps in your defenses.

We adopt a variety of offensive tactics, including:

  1. Reconnaissance using open-source intelligence (OSINT)
  2. Attempted physical intrusions and social engineering attacks
  3. Attempted breaches of your application layers
  4. Attacks against your networks

Ideal for organizations with a mature security posture, periodic Red Teaming helps further enhance your preparedness to face any determined cyber threat.


Purple Teaming

Purple Teaming is a collaboration between our offensive Red Team and your defensive security personnel, or Blue Team.

The objective is to uplift your internal security team’s readiness to respond to a real-world cyber-attack. Throughout the simulation, the Blue Team will gain experience analyzing logs, evaluating attacks and developing appropriate responses.

This enables your internal security team to gain a critical understanding of gaps in your security posture and helps identify areas for capability enhancement.

Ready to get Started?

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