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to bring you Firmware Vulnerability scan Service in ASEAN to unearth the hidden firmware attacks that subvert security controls. Reach out to us for our Promotional prices starting as low as RM 1500/scan (USD 350/scan).

Threats Below The Surface in High-Risk Devices : Firmware Attacks|Security

A Cybertronium Vulnerability scan Service : We hunt vulnerability in the firmware layer that needs your Utmost attention

As cybersecurity improves, attackers are seeking new methods to subvert traditional security controls - going below the surface to penetrate vulnerable firmware and hardware components inside today’s servers, laptops and networking equipment. Most organizations lack visibility into this attack surface. They can’t easily see which hardware and firmware components are in their fleet or determine which devices are vulnerable to known threats — much less detect a hidden implant or backdoor. These blind spots allow attackers to subvert traditional security controls and persist undetected, leaving organizations exposed to device tampering, ransomware, and data breaches.

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VPN & Network Devices Attacked

In 2020, CISA issued multiple alerts detailing state-sponsored actors from China, Russia, and Iran, targeting vulnerable VPN controllers and Network Devices

Criminals Target UEFI

MosaicRegressor, a UEFI implant maintain persistence and deliver additional malware payloads to infected devices surviving across a full system re-imaging or even a physical drive replacement.

IOT Devices Firmware Attacked

In 2020, the notorious Mirai botnet experienced a resurgence by taking advantage of a vulnerability in F5 BIG-IP controllers to infect IoT and other Linux-based devices.

Ransomware goes after Firmware

By compromising or controlling the firmware / MBR, and seize fundamental control of the device while maintaining persistence and evading security controls.

Supply Chain breaches

Firmware compromise in the supply chain before the eventual owner receives the device is difficult to detect as the earliest baseline state of the device is already compromised.

Firmware Vulnerabilities are rising

BootHole vulnerability affects Windows and Linux-based systems and allows attackers to gain arbitrary code execution during the boot process, even when Secure Boot is enabled.

A Cybertronium Service

Defend against Firmware Attacks

Cybertronium Firmware vulnerability scan service in partnership with Eclypsium provides visibility into firmware risk while verifying the integrity of systems and their components including servers and network infrastructure, as well as traditional end-user laptops.

We enable organizations to augment and extend their existing security processes to include firmware security in the following key areas :

Gain Visibility

An organization must have visibility into its firmware and hardware before it can be protected. Our customers will get fine-grained insight into myriad hardware and firmware components within a device,including insight into the current firmware version.

Manage Risk

Our scan will expose the firmware vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and outdated code that can put devices at risk but are often invisible to traditional vulnerability scanners. Our team can remotely apply patches or updates to mitigate the risk.

Detect Threats

Our scan automatically verifies system and component firmware integrity and includes the ability to detect known and unknown threats such as implants,backdoors, and rootkits.

Dynamic Response

Our Enterprise solution can automatically notify staff of any changes to the device’s integrity or security posture and trigger automated responses and playbooks via the powerful REST API.




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