Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment : Why Us

Evaluate & Transform your organisation's Cyber Maturity

Our Cyber Security Maturity Assessment (CSMA) is a comprehensive risk assessment of your organisation’s readiness to prevent, detect, contain, and respond to threats to information assets.

Gap analysis

Our experts analyse your current security posture to assess your cybersecurity readiness and incident response across all areas of people, processes, and technology.

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment Report

We provide an assessment report with advice on how to fill security gaps in your current posture. Our experts work with you to produce a clear and prioritised cyber maturity plan, delivering a cyber transformation roadmap and timeline.

Neutral Guidance

We are completely impartial, we will offer you in-depth advice based on your needs rather than looking to push a particular software solution.

NIST Maturity Assessment

We conduct a detailed review of policy documentation and operational procedures to check alignment with the five key domains prescribed by NIST framework.

Monitor progress and posture

We work with you as your organisation's cybersecurity maturity improves. As your business grows, changes to security controls may be required. We ensure your organisation continue to remain protected and aligned to NIST framework.

Seasoned Team

Our experts will work as an extension of your team, offering expertise so your business is truly compliant with industry standards.

Cybertronium understands that no two companies are the same. That’s why we work as your team to find vulnerabilities and prevent cyberattacks.

First, we’ll establish how you meet cyber threats and what incident response capabilities you have in place.

Then, we’ll help you to prioritise your cybersecurity roadmap and related investments according to your greatest areas of risk and the potential impact.

A Reality Check

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Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment : Our Approach

Achieve business objectives, manage risk, build trust and measure performance

Our CSMA is a consultative process that focuses on People, Process and Technology. Our approach will help you understand the gaps that exist between your present and ideal future state. Once we have identified these gaps, you will be better placed to create specific action plans to close the gaps and move towards your security goals. Key steps in our approach include:

Establish Scope

We define the scope of the work and all components within it including hardware, software, and locations.

Identify & Collect

We gather all current documentation including policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines.


We review all information gathered and evaluate it based on industry standards and frameworks, example: NIST


We interview, discuss, and engage with relevant stakeholders to understand and document how your business and IT processes are aligned.

Designate Gaps

We provide an expert view on the gaps identified and make comparisons between your current security practices and the goals identified by the CSMA.

Present Gaps

We walk your stakeholders through the list of gaps identified during the assessment. We then advise on the steps/plans required to attain the optimum level of security.

Protect Your Business & Your Reputation.

With a continued focus on security, you can rest assured that breaches and exploits won't be holding you back.