Certified Security Aware User

With all the news stories about hackers, botnets, and breaches involving personal information, it's easy for the security message to sound over-used and tired. It's easy for people to say, "It won't happen here." Yet, studies and surveys repeatedly show that: the human factor (what employees do or don't do) is the biggest threat to information systems and assets. Until we address the human issue, technology alone cannot secure your organization. Humans will remain as the weakest link in the Security Chain.

This High-impact security awareness training addresses these issues. It ensures that your users are aware that they are a target; it motivates and changes behavior by teaching them how to use technology securely and ensures your organization remains compliant. In addition, by teaching your users the indicators of compromise and how to report incidents, you go beyond just prevention and begin developing human sensors, creating a far more resilient organization.

This training is an INTERACTIVE story board with 100% LIVE HACKING Demo based workshop for All users who use Internet, Computer, Mobile Phones, and Social Media. NO Technical Jargons – Suitable for ALL.

Course Duration:   1 Day

1 : Introduction : Anatomy of an Attack

  1. What is Security, Vulnerabilities & O-Days
  2. Attack life Cycle & How much hacker makes by selling your passwords and data?
  3. Different Attack Vectors, Threats Vs. Risks, Exploit Basics
  4. Why Perimeter defenses are failing?
  5. Why Anti-Virus is not enough?

2: Latest Attack Trends : 100% Live Hacking Demo

  1. Mobile Malwares
  2. Web Attacks
  3. Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  4. Ransomware
  5. Advanced Persistent Threat
  6. Malvertising
  7. Identity Theft

3 : Social Engineering Attacks : 100% Live Hacking Demo

  1. Drive by Download Attack with Java
  2. USB / File attachment Attacks
  3. Phone Call & Sweet Talking
  4. Facebook and social Media based attacks
  5. Best Practices for Safer Social Media Usage for Adults and Kids

4 : Password Management & Privacy

  1. What is strong Password ? Why password must be changed at least once in 90 days?
  2. Why u should not use same password in more than 1 web application?
  3. Best Practices for Password Management & Privacy

5 : Email & Messaging Security

  1. Email Spoofing
  2. Phishing
  3. Disposable Emails
  4. WhatsApp, Telegram and similar Messaging Systems security
  5. Best Practices for Email Security
  6. Best Practices for Messaging Software

6 : Wireless Attacks : 100% Live Hacking Demo  

  1. Why Public Wifi and Free hotspots are dangerous?
  2. Sniffing and MiTM attacks on Wifi
  3. How to secure office and house Wifi

7 : Mobile Security  

  1. Jail Breaking & Rooting : Why its disaster?
  2. Do you need Antivirus on a Mobile device?
  3. How hackers hack your phone and control it?
  4. Security best practices for Mobile

Certified Security Aware User (CSAU)

Exam Platform : KALAM

Exam Format : Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

Exam Questions : 25 Questions

Exam Duration is : 60 Minutes

Exam Pass Mark : 70%

Exam Fees : Inclusive in the Course Fees

Free Add-on : Free Membership access to KALAM Cybersecurity Collaboration & Community Skills Validation Platform

Certified Security Aware User :

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Hilarious, easy to understand,stand-up comedy style cybersecurity awareness training, first of its kind. Worth it!

Non-stop fun for 1 day, learnt about different attacks from loads of LIVE Hacking Demos and how to defend against them

Never knew that a security awareness program can be conducted with so much fun and yet deliver immense learning at the same time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prerequisite for this course?
Do you use a Smart phone / Laptop / Email / Internet? If the answer is a Big Yes, then, you are eligible to attend this training. No technical knowledge required. Open for all ages
Where can I get the Course Schedule?
Reach out to us via our Contact Us page with details on your location and interested course. We will find the nearest training partner to assist you for F2F / online class.
Is it necessary to take the exam on the same day?
The exam voucher validity is 6 months, you can take exam within 6 months from your course date. We recommend you to take the exam at the earliest.
With this 1-day course, will I become cyber-safe?
This 1-day training will provide a complete understanding about different attacks that target each one of us. You will become Cybersecurity Aware User by following all the tips and tricks shared during the training. Cybersecurity awareness is a continuous process as attacks evolve at a rapid pace, with our KALAM membership, you will be provided with updates on latest attacks and how to protect as part of your continuous learning.