Cybertronium Digital Forensics & Incident Response Why Us?

Experts in cyber investigations

When the unexpected happens, you need a team with broad expertise and technical skills to help you to minimize impact and bounce back. That means acting quickly to control the situation, understand the full extent of the incident and respond with confidence.

Thorough investigation, rapid response

Internationally recognized experts with local insight who understand that responding to a critical incident requires more than technical expertise, and who provides truly end to end capability across cyber incident coordination, crisis communications, digital forensic investigations, cyber incident response, ransomware recovery and complete system restoration.

Understanding the context & the impact

Drawing on over twenty years’ experience responding to critical incidents for myriad of customers, our experts distil the complexity to focus on the incident and its true business impacts and pragmatic outcomes and thus speeding up the response to bring your business / systems back into operations with minimal impact to customers and with investigation report for further actions.

Supporting your complete business recovery

Our response services don’t stop when the situation is contained. Cybertronium can provide the advice, resources and support to help ensure that similar incidents won’t happen again. From our experience, we know that bouncing out of an incident is only a first step, taking actions to make sure that same or similar incident do not happen again is the ultimate goal.

Cybertronium Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Identify, understand and rebound from attack

Cyber Incident Response

Using our proven incident response methodology to thoroughly investigate attacker activities, from how they compromised the network and moved around, to identifying exactly what data they accessed and exfiltrated.

Key elements include:

  1. Threat hunting across networks to identify the full scope of compromise
  2. Deep forensic analysis of compromised systems to understand attacker activities
  3. Applying a range of advanced digital forensic and response tools and methods
  4. Reconstructing each step of the attack chain, from exploitation to actions on targets
  5. Comprehensive monitoring of log sources, endpoint activity and network data
  6. Application of curated cyber threat intelligence from internal and external sources
  7. Developing custom indicators and scanning networks for other infected hosts
  8. Vulnerability scanning to identify known weaknesses and help remediation
  9. Malware analysis and reverse engineering to understand malware capabilities
  10. Liaison with law enforcement, regulators and other external agencies
  11. Working in collaboration with legal counsel and cyber insurers
  12. Explaining what it all means in clear and concise terms for maximum understanding.


Crisis Management and Response

The most critical elements of a successful incident response include controlling the situation, coordinating the activities of everyone involved, managing stakeholders and controlling communications.


The Cybertronium team provides deep expertise with communication management and incident coordination, drawn from the highest levels of government and industry. We help our clients take control of incidents and navigate through the hurdles with confidence, resulting in outcomes which protect, and in some cases strengthen our client’s corporate profiles and resilience.

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